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Sunday, May 29, 2016

NoFingerPrints Walker >> emails show sought changes to Wisconsin Idea


WSJ: UW SYSTEM | JUDGE ORDERS RELEASE OF RECORDS> Scott Walker sought changes to Wisconsin Idea, emails show after judge orders release of records

Records released Friday by Gov. Scott Walker’s office in response to a judge’s order make clear he sought controversial changes in 2015 to the University of Wisconsin System’s mission statement, known as the Wisconsin Idea.
The office made public 82 pages of records late Friday after Dane County Judge Amy Smith said Walker’s office erroneously withheld 12 email exchanges and six of nine attachments from the public.
...The Wisconsin Idea is the long-held belief that the mission of the state’s public higher education system extends beyond the classroom and into the communities of the state. The Walker administration later backed down from proposed changes to the mission statement, calling them a “drafting error,” and they were not included in the 2015-17 budget. ...

In other words, the act of withholding information was a coverup. 

WI 1848 Forward: #HiddenAgendaWalker #NoFingerPrints #Walker > emails show sought changes to UW #WisconsinIdea

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