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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wisconsin Idea (Privatize It) - Gov. Scott Walker - Everybody Knows

I believe Leonard Cohen was being quite satirical, even cynical or even allegorical so I don't think he will mind?  Takes a little substitution here and there.  A better "theme" song for Scott !

Given the "Wisconsin Idea" being a drafting error in Walker's new budget ... are the Koch Brothers doing the drafting?

What do Brian Williams and Gov. Walker have in common? They both lied.

C-Span video link seems to not be available any longer ... Walker lied in IOWA.  And now it seems to be back again?!

That’s right. Wisconsin teacher Claudia Klein Felske caught the Republican governor in a total lie. Even better, she’s not only the factual recipient of the Outstanding Teacher award, she also happens to be a former classmate of Walker’s at Marquette University.
In response, Felske penned a blistering open letter calling Walker out for his lies and blasts him for attacking the public education system. She even points out how ironic it is that a man who never graduated college is attacking education as the Governor of Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Teacher Pens Blistering Open Letter To Governor Scott Walker Busting Him For Lying (VIDEO)

What do Brian Williams and Gov. Walker not have in common?  Walker will not take himself out of the picture even for a few days.

WI 1848 Forward: Gov. Scott #Walker - Everybody Knows

 #1% #Koch Money #PayToPlay > Gov. Scott #Walker - Everybody Knows -WI 1848 Forward:

#WisconsinIdea (Privatize It) - Gov. Scott #Walker - Everybody Knows -WI 1848 Forward:

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