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Friday, February 13, 2015

Walker, Blank, Cross miss the point: It's the Wi Idea not the money.

Walker has cynically engineered a financial crisis and used it to privatize the UW while still maintaining control on the cheap.  UW executives (hard to write leadership) have rolled over on a critical relationship between the citizens of the state and generations of their children.  The "political element" has been on this track for years so it is hard to blame Walker alone.

But he is the one by the same technique used in 2011 to create the crisis.  How long will it take for citizens of the state to see his policies are intended to put a price on everything and deny everyone in the middle class and below access to an education unless you have the money or are willing to borrow huge amounts to get one.

We don't have jobs.  We don't have significant economic growth.  Walker is pursing policies that will strongly disadvantage all of us and compromise the future of the state.  We will have regional recessions.

Unemployment will rise; there will be more poor;  there will be fewer with an education.  For what purpose.

... and we will have diary farms with 5000 cows - California cows are not happy when they never see daylight.

#1% #Koch WI 1848 Forward: #Walker , #Blank , #Cross miss the point: It's the Wi Idea not the money. The #UW is what makes this state hang together!

#Koch WI 1848 Forward: #Walker #Blank #Cross miss the pt.> It's the Wi Idea not the $$. #Platteville #Novak #Marklein

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