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Monday, January 12, 2015

Post Preview - Gov. Walker 's "State of the State"

2015: Governor Walker will later this week deliver his "State of the State".

A perfect satire would be to leave the page blank. I suspect it will be a fanciful rewrite of his "deeds of governance".

  • Harassment and attempts to abridge free speech - Solidarity Singers

  • Limit women's choice - proclamation and laws

  • Tax Policy used to limit local school boards

  • Use public tax dollars to subsidize private schools

  • $2.2 billion tax deficit, partly created by $1 billion tax cut to mess up Technical Colleges 
MJS : Gov. "Hidden Agenda" Walker - Purpose of " Budget Deficits " 2015

  • Limit BadgerCare, thwart ACA (Obama Care) - turn down billions of Federal support that would aid the elderly and rural residents of Wisconsin - and the poor, 1/6 state population on Food Stamps, SNAP, etc. 

I'll fill in more later.

#HiddenAgenda #1% Post Preview - Gov. #Walker 's " #StateOfTheState " 01/2015 #Budget for #Elites 

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