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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You better Vote if you like having Health Insurance

Post Election 2014 - Is it to late?  Only if you just sit back!
Given how many times the House of Representatives has tried to annul it >50  !!!

It's not just a national issue.  It's local as well.  GOP Governors, Red States have done just about everything to make it difficult for ACA.  Many are the same Governors and States who want to deny choice to women, the vote to the poor or elderly and marriage equality.

Grokking Democracy via IEEE ... on voting and social media

9/23/2014 - It's Your Benefit, published by Employee Trust Funds (ETF)

As said above this is not just a national issue.  Governor Walker and the GOP led Legislature mandated ETF to develop a HDHP ( High Deductible Health Plan) for State Employees.  The rationale of such plans is always presented as "giving people more choice and saving money."

In fact what it does is take the market place for health insurance in a direction that ultimately only those with the most money can afford health insurance.  It fundamentally ignores what "insurance" is suppose to do - share the risk and maintain the health of people.

It shifts the cost of insurance to the unlucky from the lucky or wealthy, high income individual.

WI 1848 Forward: You better #Vote if you like having #HealthInsurance #ACA #ObamaCare #WiVote #WiUnion #Union #99%

You better #Vote if you like having #HealthInsurance #ACA WI 1848 Forward: #WiUnion #Union #99% - #Walker & 1%

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