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Friday, February 14, 2014

Grokking Democracy via IEEE ... on voting and social media

An hour's worth of listening ... especially for those who fancy yourselves as (you know who you are)?

Grokking Democracy ... more direct link with transcript

Grokking Democracy

The hour-long radio special “Grokking Democracy” examines how elections and governing have changed in today’s digital world. Cohosted by political journalist Jonathan Alter and public radio anchor Lisa Mullins, the program looks at social media campaigns, e-voting, and other transformative tools. We hear from campaign managers and political strategists and discover ways that digital technology has changed civil society from Northern Europe to South Asia.

This could not be directly embedded.  It also may not link correctly on "mobile" platform (at least mine - an iphone).  In the latter case click the Download Show button seems to pick up the hour of audio!

Code For America ... featured about 15min in

WI 1848 Forward: #Grokking #Democracy via #IEEE ... on voting and social media #WiVote #VoterID #WiUnion #99% #47%

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