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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Exploratory Emergency Surgery - Guatemala [ $$$ vs Dead vs Free]

5/6/2015 ... unfortunately the blog this story resides on is currently unavailable ... if you would like the article send me contact data and I will forward it to the author !

Emergency Surgery In Guatemala
They said I would die without surgery. Three ultrasounds, two external and one internal, revealed that I was bleeding internally. The doctors weren’t certain what the problem was so they wanted to conduct exploratory surgery. If I didn’t do something soon they feared I would become septic, but I hadn’t purchased travel insurance and I was in a public hospital in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala riddled with anxiety about the bill I assumed I already racked up. ...

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WI 1848 Forward: Exploratory Emergency Surgery - #Guatemala [$$$ vs Dead vs Free] ? #ACA #ObamaCare

#1% never think about it! WI 1848 Forward:Exploratory Emergency Surgery - #Guatemala [$$$ vs Dead] ? #ACA #ObamaCare

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