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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Walker 's War On Education - Real Motives? Privatize Public Education ? Promote Charter Schools ?

9/25/2017 Budget: UW down 12%; Technical Colleges down 18% ... from 2009-2011

A Summary of the Final 2017-19 Budget for Higher Education

1/7/2015 WSJ : Bill would allow low-performing public schools to be made into charters

Democrats also proposed accountability legislation Wednesday, seeking to require criminal background checks for teachers and administrators at private voucher schools, ensuring all voucher school teachers are licensed by the state, and guarantee schools receiving Wisconsin public money are located in Wisconsin. 


Participating voucher schools, most of which are religious-based private schools, receive $7,210 per voucher for students in K4 through eighth grade. Voucher schools receive $7,856 per voucher student in high school.
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What are the real motives of our Governor?

"Wisconsin should develop its own academic benchmarks by re-examining the Common Core Academic Standards already adopted by Wisconsin and many other states, Gov. Scott Walker said at an education conference Friday. 
In a speech at the State Education Convention in Milwaukee, Walker said he is working on legislation that would create a commission, chaired by Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, to revisit the Common Core standards, which he said weren't high enough and were being dictated by people who weren't from Wisconsin."

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4/15/13 Voucher backers' cash detailed

 Walker is proposing expanding the schoolvoucher program in this year’s budget, less than a year after voucher backers gave him $2.2 million to help win the June recall election. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign report detailing spending by voucher backers comes as negotiations over Walker’s proposal continue in private among lawmakers and program supporters.
#Walker 's War On #Education -Real Motives? #Privatize Public Education ?Promote #Charter Schools ? Destroy #WiUnion

#Walker 's War On #Education -Real Motives? #Privatize Public Education ? Destroy Local #SchoolBoards Local Control

#HiddenAgenda Walker 's War On #Education - Real Motives? #Privatize Educ? Promote #Charter Schls ? #Moyers #PBS

#Walker 's War On #Education -Real Motives? #Profitize Public Education ?Promote #Charter Schools ? Destroy #WiUnion

#Walker 's War On #Education - Real Motives? #Privatize Public Education ? Promote #Charter Schools ? #Moyers #PBS


William de Jong said...

Education in Holland is not so bad but, has it problems, To Less teachers, to much kits in the Class(and we must calculate the numbers every year if things go global(steady)education at home (parents busy)Teachers have lot of stress/less kits in a class is very helpful. And a parent that cares makes also a difference (not much about that but keep improve/kits/teachers/knowledge/science/and inspire.

William de Jong said...

I wanted to comment the page and not negative but Questions in that number of ? that! (then I'm asking who is the school and who are the teachers It's that much important that schools running/and not in that numbers complain/Negative for all of us if education not runs/my part of share/meaning is this.(and that could be positive).......Of course we need education(politics)is not that complex to understand what is going on/that my point when it gets really interesting and no body knows the meaning/action/sub/anymore.