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Thursday, March 27, 2014

3 Billionaries Invade Tiny Iron Cnty, WI ( Koch Brothers, Cline , Gogebic)

Follow Up - February 2015 ... Walker appoints Gogebic LOBBYist to his Administration

Follow Up - August 2014 ... emails reveal $700,000 Gogebic campaign contributions!

Follow Up - April 3rd, 2014 - Wisconsin State Journal

Five backed by Koch brothers group win seats, 4 lose in county split by plan for huge mine

In a sparsely populated northern Wisconsin county where residents are split over a proposed open pit iron mine, five pro-mining candidates prevailed in Tuesday’s county board election after receiving last-minute help from a well-funded national conservative group.
Four others, however, were defeated in Iron County Board elections despite aggressive support from the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity, which was founded by billionaire businessmen David and Charles Koch.
The proposed mine would run for more than 4 miles through the Penokee Hills in the northeast portion of the state. Proponents say a mine would bring jobs, while critics say recently relaxed state regulations may not protect the environment.
Five AFP-backed incumbents won. Three other AFP-supported incumbents lost along with one challenger who had the group’s backing. AFP didn’t indicate a preference in the other contested race.
... “For three incumbents to lose a county board race here is kind of a big thing,” Stella said. “It’s hard to say if (AFP) had any effect, but you could be sure they didn’t have the effect they wanted in those four races.”
It would be more direct to say that of eight incumbents backed by AFP three lost and five held their seats.
Daily Beast 



Koch Brothers Invade Tiny Iron County, Wisconsin

A mining town of 6,000 people isn’t too small for billionaires to mess with to get their way. Inside the race bringing in big money. ...
...But Iron County has one other thing:  Iron ore.  And therein lies the interest of the billionaires. And not just one, but three, plus Wisconsin’s ambitious Governor Scott Walker.
Billionaire number one is Chris Cline, the man behind Gogebic Taconite (GTAC), the company that in 2011 first proposed $1.5 billion dollar massive open pit iron ore mine. The (over) promise of new jobs excited many in the county.  But some local residents, including the nearby Chippewa Indian tribe, objected because of the environmental hazards posed by the mine that would ultimately extend for 22 miles. ...
This story needs to heard loud and clear.   Voters are not for sale but they can be lied to.

What does this say about his ethics and moral compass ... 2014/02/20

Update 2014/4/11 - On The Media -


WI 1848 Forward: 3 Billionaries Invade Tiny #Iron Cnty, WI ( #Walker , #Koch Brothers , #Cline , #Gogebic ) #1% #Vote

#WIVote WI 1848 Forward: 3 Billionaries Invade Tiny #Iron Cnty, WI ( #Walker , #Koch Bros, #Cline , #Gogebic )

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