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Friday, November 2, 2012

Walker continues WAR ( #D&C ) Divide & Conquer: Healthcare

(File under "Secret Agenda" and "Stealth Government" ) - Oh! and by the way, as I understand it as an employee you may have to read it online ... hard copies not supplied (seems retirees got hard copies!?)?

It seems ironic that as  a Republican and champion of "small government" Governor Walker has proceeded to make healthcare more expensive and complicated to obtain.   Take a a look at... just a few examples of making you unhealthy and healthcare less affordable.

Pharamacy - Navitus Health Solutions - UW Employees & Retirees & others & State Employees????

This is from page 74 of the Decision Guide .... understand it?  So just as we get ObamaCare going Walker improvises to make "healthcare more expensive" for everyone.  I say everyone because these kind of changes will "trickle down" to the private sector where management or executives can get special plans or special compensation but you cannot.  Duh ...
What’s New for 2013
Level 4 Copayments for Specialty
Effective January 1, 2013, a $50, Level 4
copayment now applies to covered,
formulary and non-formulary prescription
drugs classified as specialty medications.
A reduced, $15 copayment applies when
a covered, formulary specialty medication
is filled at Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy.
These formulary specialty medications are
marked with “ESP” on the formulary. Please
see additional information in the Specialty
Medications Program section on the next
Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
All Medicare-eligible retirees, as well as
Medicare-eligible dependents of retirees,
will be automatically enrolled in the Navitus
MedicareRx (PDP), underwritten by Sterling
Life Insurance Company. This is Medicare
Part D coverage through an employer group
waiver plan.
Prior Authorization (PA) Requirements
A prior authorization is initiated by the
prescribing physician on behalf of the
member. Navitus will review the prior
authorization request within two business days
of receiving all necessary information from
your physician. Medications that require prior
authorization for coverage are marked with
“PA” on the formulary.

WI 1848 Forward: #Walker continues WAR ( #D&C ) Divide & Conquer: #Healthcare : #WiUnion #WiVote #47% vs #1% #Elites 

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