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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vid - President #Obama - #Madison #WI - Monday November 5th 2012 - #Election Rally

Full length presentation of "only" the President's talk.  This video was made possible by WORT 89.9 Community Radio, Madison WI.

President Obama flew into Madison WI from Colorado last night for a mid-morning campaign rally.  This is the last day before the Presidential Election of 2012 is held tomorrow Tuesday November 6th.  Democratic candidate for Senate Tammy Baldwin was also present and introduced by retiring Senator Herb Kohl.  Bruce Springsteen performed several songs.  He then shared with the crowd his personal interactions with Barack Obama and his personal commitment to the President's success and then introduced President Barack Obama.  The President spoke for about 25 minutes to a very encouraging crowd.

WI 1848 Forward: Vid - President #Obama - #Madison #WI - Monday Nov 5th 2012 - #Election Rally : #WORT #47% #99%

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