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Friday, August 17, 2012

#Madison Capitol Crackdown Juxtaposition -> #Putin #Russia

Inklings of a Crackdown in the Madison Capitol ... The Progressive 8/13/2012

On Saturday Steve Books, a long-time Veterans For Peace activist, was arrested and taken away in handcuffs for chalking, "This is far, far, far from over," on the sidewalk next to the Capitol. He was fined $205.05 and issued a citation for “conduct otherwise prohibited” under Wisconsin Administrative Code 2.14.
The arrest comes shortly after David Erwin was named the new chief of the Capitol Police. Erwin had been serving as Scott Walker’s personal bodyguard in the state’s Dignitary Protection Unit. A former Marine Drill Sergeant and commander of the State Patrol Air Support Unit, Erwin’s style of leadership is proving to be much different than that of the former chief, Charles Tubbs, who was known for his community policing techniques.

#Russia #Dissent #Putin Punk Rock and Orthodoxy - #NPR


Nov 04, 2011
As the Wisconsin Assembly met again Thursday evening in open session, still more citizens sitting in the public viewing gallery engaged in a silent protest of rules prohibiting signs or cameras but now allowing weapons to be ...

Mar 14, 2012
4/11/12 And now Arthur is running for Governor I lost the link but as I recall from what I read (3/28) ... our friend just got his camera back ... profiling, piling on and harassment comes in many official forms ... doesn't it? Found it .

WI 1848 Forward: #Madison Capitol Crackdown Juxtaposition -> #Putin #Russia #Walker #Grothman #VOS #Pridemore 


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