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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Upd. Maybe NOT! - Whew! Kloppenburg wins! Let the RECOUNT begin! 4/6 Still Not Official 12:30pm

Supreme Court - INDEX Rev 4/7/2011  

4/7 Upd: AP reports Winnebago County found 250 uncounted votes ... new totals on County web site ... be prepared ... GAB Kennedy warned that numbers would change ... Kloppenburg now behind ... but we have to wait for all 72 counties to certify their results! seems to have the best handle on this ... follow them - seems they are keeping this up to date -Spring Election
Lake Mills unofficial tallies being tweeted ...
Town of Lake Mills Prosser 366 Kloppenburg 364... an UNOFFICIAL count. Plus about 40 with write-ins.
AP Totals w/o Lake Mills -

State wide Precincts 3629/3630 Prosser 739,354 Kloppenburg 739,589

So the lead should stand sufficient!!!

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