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Monday, April 4, 2011

Vote - It's Bigger Than Wisconsin Cheddar - send Ryan a message

There is no doubt that Wisconsin cheese is appreciated far and wide!  It is nationally significant just like our "politics".  Beyond the "Barn Cats" that Colbert Show suggested the Republicans pinned the Budget Repair Meeting notice to and then let go in Kenosha (video in blog) we have significant "politicians" both statewide and nationally.  So voting Tuesday will not only change and affect Wisconsin it may bring about a Federal Budget.  Let us hope it is not our Rep. Ryan's solution who seems single minded and knows only the cut side of the equation, favoring the wealthy and making others lives more uncomfortable and more disadvantaged.  He just does not have the heart and strength to provide real leadership but prefers to pander to keep his re-election coffers full of icy Koch!

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