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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Hero Strategist or Wisconsin’s Chief Injustice 4/1/2011 LOL

4/4 Upd: Someone suggested to me that Bolduc provide a similar expose on the Justices Scalia and Thomas ... where and how they spend their time, speaking engagements and fees and stipends!   Oh!  Don't forget to report on how well they comply with filing disclosure forms.

Inside the Chamber of theWiscosnin Supreme Court - Crop / Download

Interesting? Can A Bird Fly With Only A Right Wing?! Flapping 

Just a collection point for various points of view to indicate why we want birds to have two wings!!

Wisconsin’s Chief Injustice - National Review Online 4/1

The author is clearly unhappy with Chief Justice Abrahamson.  He seems to suggest that she has been in charge of Governor Scott Walker's political strategy - to destroy collective bargaining and unions in the process - just so she can get another "activist" on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  As they say on  the net - LOL.

From the source -
But behind Prosser’s travails lie not only enraged state-employee unions, but also a wily chief justice, who is “maneuvering to get the court back to a liberal majority,” a source tells National Review Online.
 Is being called wily by Bolduc better than being called b***h by Prosser?

Supreme Court - INDEX Rev 4/2/2011

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