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Thursday, April 7, 2011

NYTimes: Businesses Stand to Gain Most in Rivalry of States

Old Title :Even this is part of One Wing Bird Strategy - Race to Bottom

 Update: Here is the NYTimes story title: Businesses Stand to Gain Most in Rivalry of States By A. G. SULZBERGER

Hmmm!  This was put out about ~10pm yesterday.  Everyone was probably distracted by the Kloppenburg vs Prosser story.  The title of this post is a bit obscure but consistent with the theme of this blog and it does have some phrasing that should appeal.  Another post or two were going out at the same time - perhaps to a slightly different set of hashtags. However it seems really surprising that absolutely no one took a look at it!

So if you are reading this now you are part of an experiment to see if it was just labeling, time of day and events and the selected audience!  Please leave a comment!  It is so easy but machines do not interact, even these days, with people confidently.
Serious strategy versus liberal tactics ... the left gets out-maneuvered again!  Professor Bill Cronon (UW - Madison) ... make us think!

Click on title for NY Times story!

But the interstate rivalry has grown increasingly fierce of late on a new battlefield — business — as the two states stage cross-border raids and entice companies with generous incentives to move a few miles and resettle on the other side.
Though some claim such moves strengthen their communities with new jobs and tax revenue, a growing chorus of leaders on both sides are wondering aloud about the point of competing with each other to bolster private companies at taxpayer expense.

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