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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can't get enough Koch (Coke)! Good rundown

NEWS & POLITICS : AlterNet / By Adele M. Stan - You Thought the Koch Brothers Were Bad? Turns Out They're Even Worse Than You Thought 4/5/2011
from source ...
Charles and David Koch's reach into virtually every aspect of political, economic and physical life on the planet is probably greater than you thought possible.
... and it comes home to Wisconsinites ...
Heck, as AlterNet reported, Americans for Prosperity was celebrating Scott Walker, the union-busting governor of Wisconsin, back when he was a mere county commissioner. In 2008, Walker served as the emcee for a ceremony by the Wisconsin chapter of the AFP Foundation -- at which the organization's "Defender of the American Dream" award was conferred upon Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who now chairs the House Budget Committee. Ryan this week proposed a budget plan for 2012 that would privatize Medicare and slash Medicaid.
As busy as David Koch has been how could Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker think David had time to call him ....?  Just a few entries from "searching" this blog!
Mar 19, 2011
"Plan for power plants will return" by Ron Seely (WSJ/3/19/2011) provides a good overview of the controversy in Wisconsin - Koch brothers, no-bid, private-vs-public, why spend $9M, who will benefit. The most important item - purchase of ...
Mar 29, 2011
headliners at Koch-funded "Americans for Prosperity" (AFP) conventions in the state in the past two years. The events featured select candidates who were running for office, including gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, ...
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Wisconsin - direct : The Beast : Koch : Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker - Adults only! 

Did not want to lose track of this either ... Scott may someday find himself alone on a desert island with David Koch - couldn't they have a good time among the Fox Palm Trees.

Koch : Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker - Adults Only

WI 1848 Forward: Can't get enough #Koch (Coke)! Good rundown #Walker #WI #elites #1%

WI 1848 Forward: Can't get enough #Koch (Coke)! Good rundown #Walker #WI #elites #1% vs #47% #AARP #Union #Wiunion

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