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Monday, February 17, 2020

Esquire: If You Don't Fund Education, #Schools Have No Money - #Walker ERA ... and it does not stand for "Equal Rights Amendment"

Lessons From Wisconsin's Scott Walker Era: If You Don't Fund Education, Schools Have No Money

And then it goes to hell. Who knew?  By Charles P. Pierce

...From UpNorth News:
In compiling the report, the organization traced a decade's worth of budget decisions enacted by the GOP-controlled Legislature that resulted in record cuts to public education. In short, the report found many state lawmakers have deemed tax cuts more important than supporting Wisconsin’s 400-plus public school districts.
The loss in public education dollars was accomplished by diverting millions toward the expansion of the private voucher school program, offering tax cuts primarily aimed at the wealthiest households and wiping out business taxes in manufacturing agriculture, according to the report. Next school year, the state will spend $75 million less in state aid than a decade earlier, based on inflation, the report states. That means a 1.2 percent reduction compared to state aid for schools in 2011, according to Tamarine Cornelius, the report’s author.

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