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Saturday, September 26, 2015

CMD Publishes Full List of 2,500 Closed Charter Schools (with Interactive Map)


I don't doubt plenty of people have trouble, especially in rural areas, paying their property tax bill.  That is a problem the "Homestead Tax Credit" was designed to alleviate in Wisconsin - does it need expansion?  Many rural areas also lack social infrastructure as well as physical infrastructure.

Why would a family with children want to move to or live in a place with no schools and little immediate access to health care.  Why would a retired person want to live there either - they may be stuck and getting to a doctor is really a major problem?  Why would someone growing up there, spending most of their time beiing bused to school, want to stay there when they can't get a job later; when they can go to a larger community get a job, meet other people their age, and have more of a social life?

Closed Charter Schools ... How many children failed?

The map is interactive and you can zoom in on Wisconsin and see details!

John Oliver Slams Charter Schools And His Critics Totally Miss The Point AUGUST 25, 2016 Jeff Bryant

WI 1848 Forward: CMD -- 2,500 Closed #CharterSchools... since 2001 thru 2013

WI 1848 Forward: CMD -- 2,500 Closed #CharterSchools... since 2001 thru 2013 - little #DPI oversignt #GOP [ #GriftersOnParade ] wants less

WI 1848 Forward: #CMD > 2,500 Closed #CharterSchools - since 2001 thru 2013 > Support #DPI Constitutional oversight

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