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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wisconsin ranked 37th in job creation last year (2014) : #Walker says what? 1.2% WI growth vs 2.1% US


What with Walker proposed cutting $300 million from UW System we can expect not only a brain drain but even more unemployed, especially in the hinterland/rural Wisconsin and even less high tech firms taking us seriously.

6/20/2014 Capital Times, WI from U.S. Labor Statistics
Wisconsin ranked 37th in job creation last year

Wisconsin ranked 37th in private-sector job growth last year, federal employment numbers released Thursday show.
Wisconsin added about 28,141 private-sector jobs during 2013, a 1.2 percent increase. The state’s growth rate lagged behind the national growth rate, 2.1 percent in that period, according to the latest data. The state also lagged most of its Midwestern neighbors.
The new statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, known as the Quarterly Census on Employment and Wages (QCEW), have been called the “gold standard” on job creation numbers. 

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New census data shows state's 2012 start-up rate third lowest in U.S.: Rick Romell of the Journal Sentinel writes: "Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau provides yet another indication of Wisconsin's glacial business-start-up rate. The latest evidence comes from an extensive database called the Business Dynamics Statistics. It is based largely on administrative records, not surveys, and it offers insight into the life cycle of businesses. In 2012, the Business Dynamics Statistics data shows, Wisconsin entrepreneurs created 5,757 businesses with employees. That amounted to 5.8% of the state's universe of employer firms — third lowest among the 50 states. Rapidly growing Nevada and Florida topped 10%, while Utah, Texas and North Dakota had start-up rates of more than 9%. The median rate for all 50 states was a bit above 7%." Read more.
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Wisconsin ranked 37th in job creation last year: via @madisondotcom MT #Walker says what? 1.2% WI growth vs 2.1% US

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