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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CapTimes : On Politics: Budget committee delays action on vouchers -Public Money for Private Schools

Post Election 11/2014 ... the old news is the new news ... voucher tax break for the 1% ... more coming

6/6/2013 it's old news by now but the point remains the same - who is being bought and sold and are you really better off after the "governor and legislators" who have been bought have done at best "ideological work" and at worst "simple greed".

6/3 still ongoing ... you wonder what is being traded and how much money is changing hands for Legislative GOP campaign coffers - especially Vos and Darling!

Public Money for Private Schools

The Legislature's budget committee has delayed taking action on Gov. Scott Walker's plan to expand school voucher programs to Madison and other districts outside of Milwaukee and Racine.
The Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee was scheduled to vote on Walker's proposal Wednesday. But Walker and Republican lawmakers in the Senate and Assembly have not been able to reach a deal.
"We're not there yet," said committee co-chairwoman Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills.

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Walker's plan would allow vouchers in any districts throughout the state that have at least 4,000 students, and have at least two schools receiving the lowest two grade categories of the statewide report card.

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