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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Fredy Peccerelli: A forensic anthropologist who brings closure for the “disappeared"



A .pdf you should see 2013.04.29

The Amnesty International Document link - the transcripts taken from witnesses begins 10 pages in!  You can read, if you have the stomach, about the descriptions of the murders of over 1700 people.

Thirty-one years ago in a small Central American country a military leader took over from a civilian government in a coup.  Regardless of the event the prior government, the new military control and the next government - none would really be legitimate in the context "democracy".

This individual and his cohort was just willing to do some more horrible things to select groups in Guatemala than his predecessors or his successors.

Violence has long been the mutual means of dealing with conflicting interests.  This still seems to be the case today.

Why do I say the "Trial of the Century"?  Perhaps because there has been a peaceful and enduring attempt by so many groups in the world to bring accountability to the "Genocide and Massacres" that happened in 1982-1983.

The "press" focus seems to be on whether the trial will go on or be preempted on a convenient pretext.

The "focus" should be on "genocide and massacre".  Another century of the latter may be the result if our focus is lost.  If the result is instead accountability and a complete trial then something significant has really happened.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2013.04.28

Examples of Atrocity - can you believe it?  Are you aware of it?  What can you do about this?

Canil hid behind a tree trunk and peeked out once he heard no more gunfire. He says he saw that his mother had been struck in the face by a bullet. She had fallen with his eight-month-old sister in her arms. He watched from his hiding place as a soldier came, picked up the crying baby and cut her open with his knife.
The above appears in The Christian Science Monitor published online 2013.04.21.  This is how the article is titled -

Guatemalan who helped build genocide case against ex-dictator was survivor, too

Legal advisor Edwin Canil helped find witnesses to testify in the landmark case against former dictator Ríos Montt. Canil escaped a massacre during Ríos Montt's reign.

The New Yorker


... Beginning in July, 1982, the Army descended on the Ixil region, indiscriminately burning houses, murdering men, women, and children, destroying fields, and killing livestock. Refugees who fled into the mountains were bombed and strafed by helicopters and planes. In the end, between seventy and ninety per cent of the Ixil villages were destroyed. Ríos Montt and Rodríguez Sánchez are specifically charged with fifteen massacres in which eleven hundred and seventy-one Ixils were killed and twenty-nine thousand Ixils forcibly displaced. There are also rape and torture charges. ...

2013-05-02. Tahoe’s San Rafael Mine Conflict leads to State of Siege.

I am living in the wrong city. Wish I was in Guate. Indigenous occupying Congress of Guatemala demanding an end to the siege that began after a protest against a Canadian mining company last week. Check out @xeni on Twitter for more info: “They haven’t captured a single narco. They have only captured peaceful protesters against exploitation of our earth.” Here are some image from last week as well. My friend said they are the same images that were seen during the war:   .... Cristalyne Bell, 2013.05.07
5/13/2013 PBS

Guatemala's Genocide on Trial

Read more:

WI 1848 Forward: v5 #Genocide #Massacre - #Guatemala - Trial of the Century : #Latino Marathon of Shame - #Montt

WI 1848 Forward: v5 #Genocide #Massacre #Guatemala - Trial v Century: #Latino Marathon of Shame - #Montt -Morality?

WI 1848 Forward: v5 #Genocide #Guatemala - Trial of the Century: #Latino Marathon of Shame -  #AmnestyInternational

WI 1848 Forward: v5 #Genocide #Guatemala : #Latino Marathon of Shame -  #AmnestyInternational #Kerry #Obama

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Cristalyne said...

I interviewed Canil as well. The nicest person I've ever interviewed. He was very patient about the fact I couldn't speak Spanish even though he couldn't speak English.