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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Too Much: Inequality - Our Buggy Moral Code <> SS is a " #FlatTax " except for #1%

An interesting newsletter in a form easily understood!

Too Much online 

Excerpts from this issue ...

Social Security [some emphasis added]
“Serious” pundits and policy makers on today's political scene love to wring their hands over Social Security. Woe unto future generations, they intone, if we don’t bring “entitlement spending” under control. Translation: Cut Social Security!
Well, whoa on the woe. Social Security is not going broke any time soon. In fact, even over the long term, a simple fix could fill almost any projected shortfall.
What sort of fix? Only the first $113,700 of paycheck income currently faces Social Security tax. So a CEO who pulls in $11.3 million pays the same tax as someone who makes $113,700. Eliminating Social Security's taxable income cap would fill in 95 percent of Social Security's shortfall over the next 75 years.
...  a really progressive tax ... and yet they can get something back!

Information Deficit [some emphasis added]
... Economic inequality in America hasn’t been this stark since the 1930s. But back then Americans by the millions took to the streets in protest. Why aren’t millions of Americans out protesting today? ...
...In 2011 a group of four top-flight academic researchers — including Emmanuel Saez, the world’s top expert on super-high incomes — decided to test this absence-of-information thesis. They prepared a detailed survey instrument and spent over 18 months quizzing a random sample of 5,000 Americans. 
These researchers have just published their findings, and on at least one key question — can information change attitudes about inequality? — their survey results do offer a definitive answer. Information can change attitudes. ...

... read on ... or should I say "blog" ... but you have to reach the people you don't!

TED - Dan Ariely - we all cheat a little bit or do we?

WI 1848 Forward: Too Much: #Inequality - Our Buggy Moral Code - #wwJd #47% #ows #SafetyNet #Medicaid #Medicare

Too Much: #Inequality -Our Buggy Moral Code - So you want a #FLATTax - Try #SocialSecurity just add those > $113,000

WI 1848 Forward: Too Much: Inequality - Our Buggy Moral Code #safetyNet == #FlatTax

WI 1848 Forward: Too Much: Inequality - Our Buggy Moral Code #safetyNet == #FlatTax  No wonder #GOP wants #SS dead

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