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Sunday, October 14, 2012

v2 Are #INDEPENDENTS really #independent? #OTM #NPR

Are INDEPENDENTS really independent?

ON THE MEDIA - Your BRAIN on Politics

One guest speaker - @ 7:44min ... Voters are not capable of "Competent Retrospection"

Paraphrasing "Larry Bartels"
Democrats [Presidents]  tend to boost economy immediately ... will not last four years.  Republicans tend to slam on the brakes, cause a recession, recovery comes at re-election time.

His study shows that the "middle class" sees real income growth about three times greater under Democrats than Republicans.  The "working poor" see real income growth about ten times greater under Democrats than Republicans.

The entire program is about "Politics" from media perspective. 10/12/12

Couple this with -

Think #Politics - #TED - #Kahneman - Riddle: Experience vs Memory

Kahneman believes most of us do not understand the first thing about "how we think".  

WI 1848 Forward: UPD:Are really ? : 47% #99%  


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