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Thursday, September 27, 2012

#NoFingerPrints #Walker Sins of Omission - Use DOA as Money Launderer??

The date of the letter is May 17th, 2012 ... dumb, stupid, corrupt or coverup????  Make up their own the rules??  Above the law??  The letter is only the latest evidence which goes back one year.  Think earlier knowledge might have affected the recall?

Is it not so very interesting that the politicians who talk about efficiency and competition fail to manage or run a government legitimately.  They would be out of business in no time.  Let's hope!

Feds’ letter to DOA suspends block grant program, says WEDC not state agency
Badger Democracy has obtained a letter from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Milwaukee Office (HUD) dated May 17, 2012 to Department of Administration (DOA) Secretary Mike Huebsch. HUD was not just critical of DOA/State oversight of the new Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC); the federal agency suspended the critical Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.
The agency went so far as to state that WEDC is not an “…instrumentality of the state.” The full letter can be found at this link: HUD Letter to WEDC
While local press have given the letter some attention, the broader implications of this communication have been largely ignored. The HUD review of the WEDC  ”Administrative Agreement” executed by DOA exposes a negligence in the statutory authorization of WEDC  to act as a state agency. It also underscores growing concern over lack of accountability and oversight of WEDC.
DOA has been aware for this issue for over one year.

Palermo’s Pizza Doesn’t Deliver—On Jobs

#NPR - Immigrant Strife - Palermo deal with ICE

Author of voter fraud billboards steps forth - JSOnline 10/29/2012

The Einhorns have made campaign donations to many Republican politicians, including Gov. Scott Walker, to whom they have given $49,750 since 2005, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Sen. Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) and other legislators were reacting to a Journal Sentinel report on Sunday that financier Stephen Einhorn and his wife donated $25,000 to Gov. Scott Walker a month before Einhorn's Milwaukee firm won a contract to manage $1 million of taxpayer money, potentially triggering federal "pay-to-play" conflict of interest rules. JSOnline 12/11/2012

Publicity has an impact!!!  The problem is what get done in the dark!!

Walker contributor Einhorn backs off WHEDA contract

Wisconsin: More problems at economic development agency cited - WEDC -Walker -

NRA put big money on Walker campaign - JSOnline 12/22/12  - Guess guns in parks and schools (is that what is next?) are safe in Wisconsin

WI 1848 Forward: #Walker Sins of Omission - Use #DOA as Money Launderer?? : #Palermo Pizza #Einhorn #Koch #47% ?  

WI 1848 Forward: #Walker Sins of Omission-Use #DOA as Money Launderer?? : #Palermo Pizza #Einhorn vs #47% #wiVote?  

WI 1848 Forward: #Walker Sins of Omission-Use #DOA as Money Launderer?? : #Palermo  #Einhorn #WEDC #ICE #Payola ? 

Why #Burke WI 1848 Forward: #Walker Sins of Omission-Use #DOA as Money Launderer?? : #Palermo  #WEDC  #Payola ?

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