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Sunday, December 11, 2011

(From Russia w/love): Srdja Popovic: How to topple a dictator -TED

2012.03.03 - Russian style toppling ... Ever since I put this TED talk up (12/11/11) by  Srđa Popović I noticed I was getting a lot of traffic from Russia ... now Foreign Policy (FP) may have provided at least part of the answer ...

Moscow's Merry Pranksters
Kto may do most of his work alone, but he isn’t exactly working in a vacuum. An extraordinary upswell of public protest in recent months has flooded the Russian streets, shaking assumptions about the stability of a political culture dominated for the past 12 years by Vladimir Putin, the former president and current prime minister. The overwhelming majority of these protestors -- young, educated, and self-aware -- are newcomers to politics, recently galvanized into action. But while their appearance on the scene may have caught political analysts off guard, the style and symbols of their protest have been many years in the making -- forged by street artists like Kto and his ilk, often operating in plain sight of the authorities.
Srđa Popović was one of the founders and key organizers with the Serbian student nonviolent resistance group Otpor! Their nonviolent campaign to unseat Serbian president Slobodan Milošević met with success in October 2000, when hundreds of thousands of protestors converged upon and took over the Serbian Parliament, effectively ending Milošević's rule. Srđa says that 2011 is already "A Very Bad Year For Very Bad Guys" and it is worth understanding how people power, or the real power behind the on-going dramatic events in the Arab Spring and beyond actually works. This can help us predict events and scenarios not only in the on-going Arab struggles, but also in places like Burma and Belarus.
... from the description of this video  TEDxKrakow - Srdja Popovic - A bad year for bad guys 

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How to topple a #dictator WI 1848 Forward: (From #Russia w/love):Srdja #Popovic #TED : #NonViolence #Sharp #Stephan

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