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Monday, October 10, 2011

Upd: My Identity is being questioned ... I have been Bill Gates a long time ... Politics?

The Response from Google - (Another reason corporations should not be treated like people!) to me
show details 11:58 AM (4 minutes ago)


Thanks for your report. Based on the information you provided, we were
able to verify your identity. We apologize for any inconvenience this
might have caused. Thanks for your assistance in resolving this issue, and
for hosting your profile on Google.

The Google Profiles Support Team
To All -

If I should suddenly disappear it would seem to be because some person (or group) has accused me of impersonating myself (hard act to follow) or Google has themselves decided I am not me. Not to worry I will come back via my UW account where I am just wgates@+suffix.

The story ... my email account was disabled this morning ... and I had to supply my telephone # and have a code delivered via telephone ... this all happened as I tried to sign into gmail. Then I noticed I could not set my status in CHAT although I do show up.

I decided to check my PROFILE in igoogle and found it had been disabled. I have been required to submit an image of my "national ID" or equivalent with a picture ... sounds like voting in the State of Wisconsin. That I checked the PROFILE at all was lucky ... if you just go about your business they will remove it in two weeks! But you only find that out by going and checking your PROFILE.

It's been nice knowing you all! Hope I have not missed anyone! (using bcc - long list)

Bill Gates

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